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for artists/brands.


From teen idols to sports teams, and Harry Potter lovers alike - traditional demographics do not paint the full picture of a specific audience segment. Not every 18 year old, female, in New York consumes and enjoys the same content, music, or topics. Our approach to overall strategy mixed with personable market research allows us to fully engage and understand the audience. Our full list of services include.

market research & strategy.

Cover Art


Social Profile Layouts & Thumbnails



Social Assets

Landing Pages

Product Design

Compile Fan Analysis

Curate and engage superfan databases

Host and execute exclusive focus groups

Provide Fan Engagement / Marketing / Overall Strategy utilizing unique audience insight

graphic design.

for fans.

We ensure audience members can feel seen, heard, and valued through targeted campaigns across a variety of platforms. By partnering with fans directly, we make sure to advocate for their needs and wants in the room to ensure a mutually beneficial fan-to-artist relationship. To get involved and be a part of destigmatizing fandom within the industry, sign up using the forms linked below.

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